image If you are thinking of Relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley from anywhere else in the US of A – you will want to know that we are one of the lowest crime rates of any major city.  We are also patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and are home to many that have their professions as Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Educational professionals.

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Some of the highest ranked schools, great shopping, entertainment and some top shelf restaurants.

One of the things that we find most attractive regarding the Santa Clarita Valley is their Paseo System.  There is almost no place you cannot get to by walking, running or biking on one of these private, and in some cases secluded, pathways.

They are always kept up and without congestion – it makes it pleasurable when teaching the kids to bike, going for a run or trying out a new mechanical device (like roller blades).

I Have posted the Paseo System PDF from below.

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